Julian Rasch

Hi, I’m Julian. I’m an HCI Researcher and PhD Student at the Media Informatics Group at LMU Munich. In my research I focus on the interaction between humans and digital systems to facilitate and augment this strong collaboration. My research interests include Perception & Interaction in XR, Multi-User Collaboration in XR, Interaction with AI Systems, Human Augmentation, Virtual Design & Engineering, Interactive Media Art, and Future Applications of XR. Thanks to my background in Electrical Engineering & IT, I have knowledge and experience in hardware prototyping as well as methodological problem-solving.

Organizing Committees:
CHI 2023
Augmented Humans 2023, 2022

Reviewing Activity:
CHI 2023
Mensch und Computer 2022
CHI 2022 LBW
DIS 2022
Augmented Humans 2023, 2022

PEM: AI in Arts WS2022
User Interface Design WS2022
PEM SocialVR & CryptoArt WS2022
Sketching with Hardware SS2022
Hauptseminar WS2022, SS2022
Proseminar SS2022, WS2021
PEM: Immersive Arts WS2021

You can find an overview of my publications here.