Julian Rasch

Hi, I’m Julian. I’m an HCI Researcher and PhD Student at the Media Informatics Group at LMU Munich. In my research I focus on the interaction between humans and digital systems to facilitate and augment this strong collaboration. My research interests include Perception & Interaction in XR, Multi-User Collaboration in XR, Interaction with AI Systems, Human Augmentation, Virtual Design & Engineering, Interactive Media Art, and Future Applications of XR. Thanks to my background in Electrical Engineering & IT, I have knowledge and experience in hardware prototyping as well as methodological problem-solving.

Organizing Committees:
CHI 2024, CHI 2023
Augmented Humans 2023, 2022

Reviewing Activity:
CHI 2023
ISMAR 2023
TEI 2023
Mensch und Computer 2023, 2022
CHI 2022 LBW
DIS 2022
Augmented Humans 2023, 2022

Creative Coding SS2023
Sketching with Hardware SS2023, SS2022
Praktikum VR Programmierung Unity SS2023
Hauptseminar SS2023, WS2022, SS2022
PEM: AI in Arts WS2022
User Interface Design WS2022
PEM SocialVR & CryptoArt WS2022
Proseminar SS2022, WS2021
PEM: Immersive Arts WS2021

You can find an overview of my publications here.